The Colombian Embassy in Kenya presents a summary of the most important news in our country


Nairobi, 24/01/2022. For this mission, delivering this information to our main allies is a clear example of the political, social, and economic ties between Colombia and East Africa.

If you wish to have more details about the information sent, the doors of our embassy are open to discuss and broaden the topics of interest.

Mónica de Greiff

Ambassador of Colombia in Kenya




• The World Bank estimates that the Colombian economy would grow by 4.1% this year, making it the Latin American country with the best economic performance in 2022. Likewise, the growth projection for 2021 increased to 9.9%.

• 307,679 new companies were created throughout the national territory, between January and December of the previous year, an increase of 10.6% compared to 2020. The business fabric of Colombia plays a fundamental role in generating new jobs and opportunities.

• As a result of the health diplomacy strategy, led by the National Government, Colombia achieved eligibility to export roses and hydrangeas to Morocco.

• Colombia received 170 new foreign direct investment projects in non-mining and energy sectors during 2021 and that they represent investments of USD 9.3 billion, growing 3.1% compared to 2020.

• In 2021 there has been an upward trend in the arrival of non-resident visitors to the country, which between January and October registers a growth of 26% compared to the same period in 2020, since more than 1.4 million have arrived in Colombia.

• Tourism in Colombia took Expo Dubai. The Colombian pavilion at Expo Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, celebrated the 'Travel and Connectivity Week' of Expo Dubai, wit a tourism festival to position the country on the world tourist map.

• For the first time, the Ministry of Finance issued 20-year Treasury Bonds (TES) with a fixed rate in pesos in the Colombian public debt market. Specifically, $975,000 million in TES denominated in pesos maturing in 2042 were auctioned.


• President Iván Duque, who on January 14 accompanied his counterpart from Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, in the signing of the decree that provides for the expansion of the protected marine areas of the Galapagos archipelago by 60,000 square kilometers, affirmed that it is of a historic act and highlighted that protecting these areas is to guarantee the survival of more than 40% of marine species worldwide. It should be noted that the signing of the decree was also attended by former US President Bill Clinton, and representatives of the governments of Costa Rica and Panama.

• "Protecting these areas is not only guaranteeing that they are not exploited, but it is also guaranteeing the survival of more than 40% of marine species throughout the world", stressed the Head of State. Likewise, he stressed that the expansion of this marine reserve is due to the commitment made by the four countries at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change 2021, which took place in Glasgow (United Kingdom).

• The expansion of the Galapagos Islands marine reserve is part of the Marine Corridor shared by Colombia, Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica in the Pacific Ocean. The area is made up of the Gorgona National Natural Park and the Malpelo Flora and Fauna Sanctuary (Colombia); the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), Coiba Island (Panama) and Cocos Island (Costa Rica).

• The President reiterated that in 2022, before the end of his Government, 30% of the territory of Colombia will be declared a protected area.


• The Government of Colombia signed an agreement with the Delegation of the European Union in Colombia, so that it observes the elections for Congress and President of the Republic that will take place this year.


• Colombia exceeded 68 million doses applied throughout the national territory and we are close to 30 million complete schemes, thanks to the implementation of the National Vaccination Plan for the protection of life and an economic and safe reactivation in Colombia.


• The Government of Colombia highlighted on January 13 the quarterly report of the Secretary General of the United Nations, UN on the Verification Mission of that organization, in which the advances and challenges of the implementation of the Agreement are recognized, Antonio Guterres himself, who recently visited Colombia, maintains that he is encouraged by the dividends of peace that he witnessed last November.

For further information, please contact César Castro: [email protected]

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